A-GAME:  What's the Difference?

A-GAME is not the largest database in the country for recruited athletes. We do not spam coaches with profiles of athletes that are mis-matches. -we provide education, guidance, and consultation.
The strength of the A-GAME brand is based on the personal relationships that evolve from the training and development dynamics established and maintained through sport. A-GAME Consultants utilize our experience and influence within college sports and academic programs to bridge the communication gap between high school prospects, their families, and college coaches -and also college admissions. Thus giving us the ability to provide a unique perspective within the selection process.
We are selective about who we accept into our Premium Services. It's not about millions of athletes, but those few who are sincere in their commitment. A-GAME is about personalization. We know you are very different from the thousands of prospects competing for your college roster spot. We feel you deserve to be treated as unique as you are. Customizing your guidance is important –never putting you in a herd with other prospects. A-GAME is about bringing information to the student-athlete with a strong desire to compete at the intercollegiate level. Also, providing guidance and a respect for your individual timeline. Your timeline is specific to your athletic and academic ability, goals, and work ethic. Players who are athletic-scholarship players have different timelines than non-scholarship athletes. In other words, it's not always what you should do, but when you should do it. So how good are you? Well, what if you had an honest unbiased assessment of your abilities? Would you be able to handle the truth? If so, then A-GAME might be for you. The truth can save you so much time, energy, and money.
A-GAME evaluates your skill-set or level of experience. Then we help project your upside and offer specific recommendations for improvements both in the classroom and on the field. A-GAME will never spam college coaches with tons of profiles. A-GAME will not call college coaches. A-GAME consultants are not agents. We provide education, sound advice, and most importantly development. The process begins with an Initial Consultation. This is a one-time (in-person or video conference) meeting between you and your A-GAME CRC. The next steps will be totally up to you.
Your A-GAME CRC can be as involved as necessary. By selecting the package that is right for your individual needs and budget, we can empower you to make smart, timely decisions in the selection process.