The Game Plan

Initial Consultation

A-GAME's IC provides an intimate, detailed, and goal-oriented meeting between the consultant, the student-athlete and family. There are 2 types of IC's -athletic and academic. Distance is not an issue. An IC can be either in person or via video conference. 

Masters Program

The Masters Program is our membership program for the duration of the student-athlete's high school career. Upon the completion of your Initial Consultation, your consultant will determine whether you are a candidate for Masters. 

Upon which time you will receive the Masters Application. The application outlines the details of the membership program and clearly defines our role and yours. There are several payment options available.

Player Development

A-GAME Consultants have been hand picked based on character, level of knowledge and expertise, influence, and experience in the field of teaching and athletic skills development. We have identified the most talented individuals in the country with matching integrity. The overall ojective is to get you good enough and provide the resources to make sure you are smart enough. We do not get you a scholarship -you do.